ME. YOU. A FEW OTHERS. Let’s do this.




My name is Darrell Prince. I am simple man, all I ever wanted was simple things. Government that works, people who are kind and honest, people to be working and happy and not really worried because they were doing their part, and they knew every body else was doing their part, because we all understood what we were supposed to do, and a fair idea of what other people were supposed to be doing, but we let them do it because they, show us, they know more, and it works. When it stops working, we ask them questions, and we help to make sure that things work there, and then go back to what we do, or, maybe something new, if we feel so inclined. That can be the freedom of America. Ever less paperwork, ever working to build better. This me, me, me, how bout we, we,we , and me, me.

Those simple things, and to rebuild every building in America, as energy efficent and processing, and to create standards for greenspace, and living. A database for the human race, so we can prevent disease, crime, and war. Peace amongst men. With plenty of war games, in cyber and in real space. SPACE, my dudes, SPACE.

So okay, I get it now, some of these things, not so simple. But here it is. But I also need you to realize, some things are very, very seriously wrong here. For us to be at this place, with so much, and so much discord, and disharmony, some things are going very, very wrong. And to have people saying, don’t listen to scientists. That’s crazy talk. That’s not understanding what a scientist is. I have been in laboratories, at Elan, at small HPLC (High Performance Liquid Cromotography) manufacturing- better at the QC and the systems than the bench. My parent’s met in a chem lab, making me a particular form of test tube baby. Yada, yada, scientists, are these people who look at gases in a jar. Every day, for days, taking measurements at different temperatures to see how it behaves. They predict, with a high degree of accuracy on 3-7 day increments, the weather, you check it every day. If you ask them, they would tell you, yes the climate is changing. But in fact, they are not saying that, whose fault is that, I don’t know. But we got to do better. Problems have to get solved, we have to settle issues to where people are not crazy unhappy. And the criminalization of the poor must stop Rikers Island is a travesty to the very word justice. That place is horrible. Of course people angry, lock a bunch of males up together, in a small space with nothing to do, some with guns, some without. What problem does that place solve, and what problems does it create. I will not live in a country that is the largest jailer of humans on the planet. I will not. I AM NOT PLANNING TO DIE, anytime soon, anyway, so the other thing has got to give. I don’t even want the guards in them places. There’s other things to be doing, and many other people living fine lives have done far worse and gotten away scotch free.



So, to what I am doing. That stuff is important yo, me. I have filed two cases regarding the flaws in the election systems of the United States of America, and the lack of response on Climate Change. It is far and away the greatest threat to mankind in this day and age. I have as little interest in the opinions of the men he has chosen – this is not entirely true; to them I would say the future of oil is in products and not transportation, and to be investing in polymers development. More pipelines ? There’s a lot of people using gas. Oil has it’s uses but, by and large, Wind, Solar are cheaper. Period, end of story. Today. And easily when you factor in externalities. EPA is there for a REASON. I walk through forests on an old Superfund site. You used to be able to see a ring in the trees and the plants where the poison was. It all grew back green. That stuff can last a long time, and was Egg Harbor going to clean it all up? They need expertise. Should it be taught, yes, but taking a look at problems as the occur in different states is going to give you a whole different perspective. You always have to work with other people, especially in their spaces. That is not to say you don’t need outside influences. But seriously though, on the SCIENCE, though, if you ain’t got a degree, done some real research, you don’t know what it is, and you just spoutin stuff you heard someone else say. Arrhenius wrote a book on Global Warming in 1906. Scientists don’t write books when they first hear about something. Fourier started the conversation in the 1820’s- I think. But before the Civil War. They were talking about Global Warming when people hadn’t figured out slavery was wrong, disgusting, immoral, unchristian.

People associate me as strictly being a liberal- but I, and I believe many African Americans are conservatives,and believe you me, I believe conservatives could get into Malcolm X. If a conservative who embodied Christianity, cared for land air people and water more than money, sorry, said Christian already. People got a lot of things mixed up. Obama’s more American than  Trump. His father was African, and his mother American, from WAAAY back, and qualifies for the same Sons of the Revolution or something group McConnell belongs to, people who immigrated a long long time ago. Trump is second or third generation either side.

Look, you have to know. California and Texas, were formed by Americans streaming over the border into feed on their prosperity, before driving the Mexicans out in the Spanish American War. Remember the Maine.

Driving people from homes they’ve lived in for decades for no reason. When people are living somewhere, you should have good move them.


Donald J Trump of 1400 Pennsylvania Avenue, Electoral Vote leader, stated on his campaign, as did several members of the people in his campaign, announce an intention for an unconstitutional “Muslim ban”. All they are doing is trying to come up with a legal sounding way to do what they want to do which is clearly prohibited by law. Constitutional law.  There is no statistical evidence to show that either immigrants, Muslims or people from those countries  are any more dangerous than any other. And Donald Trump’s Senate confirmed Homeland Security appointee’s department turned  up no more proof that consideration of this has anything to do with “national security”any less to request some temporary exception to the law.


Constitutional law.

The very 1st Amendment to the Constitution. The most basic rights they left un specified to stabilize issues of the government, the 1st Amendment, the 4th upgrade to their legal philosophical, and statutory frameworks.

That 1st Amendment states:

Amendment I Essays »

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

This business with the Supreme Court nominee not being heard by the Senate was clear cut, party over country, and disgraceful to the United States of America.

Declaration, Constitution, and Police killings


The following is meant to be a summary of my intent in the last filing to address the current crisis of law enforcement

The purpose of this case is to establish, and acknowledge the Declaration, as the core principles and definitions of governments role with respect to individual rights to be used in conjunction with Constitution, and compel the federal government to establish, a national, legal floor or base line of behaviors, and process for handling cases involving law enforcement.

My standing comes from a case in which I was beaten by police officers, but, beyond my own case, the cases of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and Ramarley Graham, there is a pattern that is leading to the deaths of approximately 1200 people, which can only be the tip of an iceberg of far more brutality. Further between the doubling of the incarceration rate, and a grand jury process whose 90% indictment rate for citizens, and seemingly 0% for law enforcement, makes it seem clear that the expensive grand jury process amounts to little more than a de facto extension of prosecutorial discretion, and that that the American government is not fully in compliance with ideals it was founded upon, life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, innocent until proven guilty and speedy trial, to name a few. Further, encroachment upon civil liberties as promised, and a very real lack of justice is severely impeding the political process, leading to low voter turnouts, widespread angst and distrust of governmental systems.

In order to adjust and correct these imbalances and violations of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, as well as to restore the necessary faith in our Republic, I invoke my Declarational duty, choosing to alter the government. Because of the radical nature of reform necessary, it seems necessary to re engage the people fully in the political process, and the legal contract to which they are entered, the proscribed solution I seek is the aforementioned floor on basic law enforcement activities, national oaths to basic principles sought, and a Constitutional Convention, similar to that of NY in 1801on how the Declaration and the Constitution affects law enforcement of any kind in this country, as well as the Federal government, and to reapply for the consent of the governed, a deeper understanding of American Citizenship and to adjust said government in a manner most likely to effect their long term happiness.