Declaration, Constitution, and Police killings


The following is meant to be a summary of my intent in the last filing to address the current crisis of law enforcement

The purpose of this case is to establish, and acknowledge the Declaration, as the core principles and definitions of governments role with respect to individual rights to be used in conjunction with Constitution, and compel the federal government to establish, a national, legal floor or base line of behaviors, and process for handling cases involving law enforcement.

My standing comes from a case in which I was beaten by police officers, but, beyond my own case, the cases of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and Ramarley Graham, there is a pattern that is leading to the deaths of approximately 1200 people, which can only be the tip of an iceberg of far more brutality. Further between the doubling of the incarceration rate, and a grand jury process whose 90% indictment rate for citizens, and seemingly 0% for law enforcement, makes it seem clear that the expensive grand jury process amounts to little more than a de facto extension of prosecutorial discretion, and that that the American government is not fully in compliance with ideals it was founded upon, life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, innocent until proven guilty and speedy trial, to name a few. Further, encroachment upon civil liberties as promised, and a very real lack of justice is severely impeding the political process, leading to low voter turnouts, widespread angst and distrust of governmental systems.

In order to adjust and correct these imbalances and violations of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, as well as to restore the necessary faith in our Republic, I invoke my Declarational duty, choosing to alter the government. Because of the radical nature of reform necessary, it seems necessary to re engage the people fully in the political process, and the legal contract to which they are entered, the proscribed solution I seek is the aforementioned floor on basic law enforcement activities, national oaths to basic principles sought, and a Constitutional Convention, similar to that of NY in 1801on how the Declaration and the Constitution affects law enforcement of any kind in this country, as well as the Federal government, and to reapply for the consent of the governed, a deeper understanding of American Citizenship and to adjust said government in a manner most likely to effect their long term happiness.