My second time declaring Revolution (filing necessary paperwork)










Duriing Occupy’s National gathering, I filed these on July 4 2012 at the Federal Courthouse in Philadelphia. THe primary causation was Climate Change, but also mentioned adding the Declarational principles as the fundamental tenet of AMerican law.


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My first time Declaring revolution


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Apparently a lot of crazy white guys like to rave into Youtube about second American Revolution. Oh, you got jokes? Jokes aint funny.

Mines is better.  More intellectual when I care to but, mostly well thought out, broken in down into smaller pieces, with a plan for going forward. ooh.. haven’t listened to this in awhile.. don’t think 6% is the real number.

The bottom line is that the Declaration of Independence is the principle document of the United States of government and by reinterpreting how the masses and the government understands the law, it will be a revolution, more lasting and better moving than military coups.

below is what I originally wrote on the yoube


A lot more peace ful, this one, not even so much radical change day to day… who needs all of that violence and fighting… BOOOOOOOO…. those sort of changes are full of sound and fury but signify little, as things often get worse….but things need to change and for the better. It’s already started. As to what this changes, mostly, I am using this as a platform to ask for a new constitutional convention, I think long overdue Of course it will not be anything at all without  the acceptance of the people who watch it. The debate over whether or not it is a legal thing will be interesting… it was ratified in the same way as the constitution was, and we don’t have a constitution day. Further, it was read in Philadelphia, which echoed the Dec of Independence in the states of  In fact, I would argue that it is the Declaration, written at the time of the nations formation that should be the basis for our laws. The right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are the rights of every American citizen….. we must reinterpret the constitution through that lens, and write a new constitution, based on the old. But before we can do that, we must educate the American people on the Constitution… in some ways, conservatives have this right, the letter of the law is important, and it is important that we remember that the Constitution, and the law are living things, meant to change, and in fact, Thomas Jefferson, really, THE founding father, intended that we would have one every 10-20 years…. Luckily our President happens to be a constitutional professor… and I think that he will do a phenomenal job in generating the necessary discussions…we should continue with seminars for the American people ongoing to help us solve our problems… history, accounting, education, science… setting the agenda for the national conversation, for us all to digest will make the world change in incredible ways..